Konkreet Performer Makes Music Visual, Touchable on iOS



I used to be big on music editing and production, but even I am amazed with how far digital music creation has come. Vinyl now operates MP3s, software has replaced hardware-based synthesizers, and an entire music studio can be created for only a few hundred dollars. But now it is getting crazier.

I don’t exactly know how to describe Konkreet Performer, so I’ll let the video and company do that for me. But what we do know is that it is going to be released as an iOS application and it will control music:

Konkreet Performer is a control instrument for live music performance. Its unique and intuitive multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s actions directly with the music.

More than a studio controller, Konkreet Performer has been designed from the ground up to be a superior live performance instrument, bringing the dynamic audio and visual connection between the musician and the audience to the stage.


Maybe we will one day witness the time when the iPad becomes a complete music production tool…

What do you think?

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