Lamborghini Veneno is named after a bull that killed a matador in 1914


Lamborghini Veneno

They say it’s going to be the fastest supercar, ever. They say it’s going to cost the three people who get to buy one $3.9M each. They say it can do 220 MPH, that it will have 750HP pushing its super light body, and that each of the three that are made will be red, green, or white to represent the Italian flag.

What they aren’t so quick to point out is that the Lamborghini Veneno, which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show this week, was named after a bull that ended up killing a matador in 1914. When you put 750 HP behind a car that is designed to be extremely light, the namesake may end up being a precedent. It will be lighter (and therefore more fragile in a wreck) than the other big supercar announced at the motor show, the LaFerrari, but will pack fewer horses. Hopefully the three lucky owners and whoever they allow to drive the beast will keep safety in mind.

Here’s a video from the motor show as well as another view of the beauty.

Lamborghini Veneno Geneva


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