Laugh Out Loud iPad App Burns Away Calories With Laughter



If taking vitamins doesn’t keep you healthy enough, try more laughter.
– Nicholas-Sebastien Chamfort

The Health Monitor Network has just announced the release of their fun and lighthearted app – “Laugh Out Loud for Health.” HMN is focusing this app on encouraging users to shake their iPads and “LOL” for health. Even better? The app is completely free to download!

With this app, jokes are readily available so that users can get laughing right away. The “LOL” app also features a calorie counter in order to track how many you’re burning while you’re shaking and dancing all over the place. The more you’re shaking, the more you’re burning.

“We believe there’s truth to the mantra that ‘laughter is good for your health,'” said Alex Dong, Vice President of Marketing and New Products. “So, rather than rehash the educational material featured in our magazines, we chose to create an amusing new app that would put a smile on users’ faces — and might even cause them to shake a bit.”

HMN decided to try and reach out and be interactive with their readers. They asked anyone who was interested, to submit health-related jokes, but didn’t expect too much of a response. However, readers were thrilled by the idea and sent in thousands of jokes, all of which are now available with a simple shake.

The “LOL” app is meant for entertainment purposes but give it a shake and burn a few calories and you might soon be hooked.

[Source: Health Monitor Network]
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