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Lead electrical engineer of Google Glass joins Oculus

Building a new entertainment medium requires lots of money and very talented engineers. Facebook ensured that Oculus VR has plenty of the former, and now the company has set its sights on the latter goal, by hiring Google Glass lead electrical engineer Adrian Wong. Though neither Wong nor his new employers have publicly announced the move,TechCrunch recently discovered that Wong’s LinkedIn profile now lists him as an Oculus VR employee. According to LinkedIn, his tenure at Oculus began earlier this month, following an April 2014 departure from Google.

Adrian Wong still lists himself as a “professional daydreamer” on LinkedIn, but he’s just left Google[x] where he was a lead electrical engineer on Glass to start “Building the Metaverse” at Oculus VR. Wong had been at Google since December 2010 following a stint at Sandia National Laboratories, but now he’s working at Facebook’s latest mega-acquisition. A source clued us in to Wong’s move, and while he still lists his employer as “Google X” on Google+, his LinkedIn confirms the shift. I got in touch with Wong but he politely declined to comment. On May 2nd, Wong posted his goodbye note to his fellow Googlers…on Facebook, which should have been a clue. He wrote “#FreshStartFridays – Surprise! Today is my last day at Google. Three rollercoaster years with Google[x] and Glass. What amazing memories. Now, time for the next great adventure!” That adventure is apparently building the hardware to power virtual reality.

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