LED iPhone case lights up to notifications


LED iPhone case lights notifications

I think we can all agree that cell phone cases in general lack any luster. Most come in just black or bright pink and a few colors in between. Since we take our smartphones with us everywhere we go it would be nice to dress them up too and since it is 2013, isn’t it about time?

Soon you will be seeing some changes occurring to the iPhone case as of course it is meant to protect the phone, boring is so blah and we like to showcase our personality on our smartphone cases. That is why Endliss Smartcase is creating a new case for the iPhone 5, one that will light up LED lights on the back of the case when you receive notifications (now that’s what I am talking about).

Many may be concerned with the already annoyingly limited battery and that this too will drain it, nope. Endliss Smartcase is also equipped with a 1500 mAh battery, which not only manages your LED lights but adds a boost to your iPhone too.

No release date or price has been set as of yet, it was shown this year at CES.

LED iPhone case lights

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