Lenovo will announce the next Moto 360 smartwatch next week


We all knew that Lenovo was working on another Moto 360 smartwatch, but this was just an assumption that was based on the success of the first one, we haven’t had anything official to go on, but now we do. Lenovo has announced that it’s hosting a new Motorola conference in Shanghai next week, and judging from an image that the company posted on its Weibo account, we can definitely expect to to see new Moto 360.

Lenovo had announced that there will be a new Motorola conference in Shanghai on September 8. Naturally, there were speculations that the company might release the new Moto 360 II watch at the event in Shanghai. Now the rumors are almost confirmed. Earlier today, Lenovo released a new teaser via Weibo with the tag line “It’s time”. Below these words lies the image of a new Moto smartwatches which is none other than the Moto 360 II. In fact, the image confirms the earlier leaks which showed that the physical button has been moved to the 2 o’clock position. We also know a bit about the variants of the new Moto 360 II smartwatch. It is said that the watch will come in two versions, the 360S and the 360L. The former will feature a 1.37-inch display equipped with 270mAh battery with a dial size of 38mm and strap size of 20mm, while the latter Moto 360L will feature a slightly larger 1.55-inch display with a 375mAh battery, 46mm dial and a 22mm strap. It is also said that the watch will come with Chinese interface for the domestic market.

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