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Lenticular lenses guide pedestrians to the right

Guiding to the Right

Guiding to the Right

The same technology used in 3D postcards and glasses-free 3D televisions is being used by a Japanese research group at the University of Electro-Communications to develop flooring designed to guide pedestrians to the right.

The flooring would “trick” the mind into walking towards the right by sending visual cues. These cues would, in theory, affect the optical aspect of our perceived balance. In crowded walking areas such as train stations and malls, this type of flooring could help the flow of traffic by adding order to the mass of people using it.

“The images on the sheets laid on the floor beneath them appear to move to the right, as pedestrians move above them when they walk,” according to Diginfo. “Since people have a tendency to give priority to their visual sense to maintain their balance when they walk, their eyes will be attracted in that direction.”

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