Let your desk give you sunlight


Let your desk give you sunlight

The majority of us are not as able to get outdoors as we should or need to in order to catch some natural vitamin D from the sun. We work and play from our computers and spend little time outside, so why not bring it indoors?

We are online obsessed and do not want to go outside when we can pretend to be online (yes I am talking to you Farmville gamers). Therefore we miss out on some much needed sun exposure that is just enough to keep us healthy, as it is just as bad getting no sun to getting overexposed.

The Sunlight table/desk could be the answer to all of our problems as it could become a true asset to workforces and even added within our homes. The table is designed to bring a balance between work and play within a highly stressful area and due to its lighting it has the calming feel that lights up the room.

The fiber optic grid gains source from another grid that is placed near a window which then feeds the light to the table mimicking what happens outside onto the desk giving you a nature feel within your work environment.

Sunlight desk mimicks the outdoors

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