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LG and Samsung are almost ready to release foldable smartphones

South Korean companies like to get creative with their smartphone displays, but we haven’t seen anything revolutionary in a while. Curved displays and dual screens are cool and all, but they’re hardly game-changing, and are actually pretty niche. Foldable displays, on the other hand, have the potential to become a major part of the smartphone market, and it looks like both LG and Samsung are almost ready to introduce that technology in their smartphones.

Smartphones are getting better with each passing year, but in a way (and despite the various technological advancements), our daily smartphones also seem to have stagnated. Sure enough, there have been a few interesting technologies featured in the headlines during the past year or so, including 3D Touch, laser auto-focus, and stunning 2K displays. However, we haven’t had any “game-changing” features to discuss in quite some time. 3D Touch might prove to be one, but only time will tell just how indispensable the technology will become once more developers get the hang of it. The exciting news is that we might witness a significant shift in the evolution of smartphones relatively soon. It will be caused by the introduction of foldable smartphones, and the two major smartphone makers to light the fuse might be none other than LG and Samsung, who are now reported to be in the final stages of their foldable smartphone projects. Part of what makes the concept of foldable smartphones possible is the OLED display technology, and as you might know, the OLED market is dominated by none other than LG and Samsung. The former’s OLED panels are renowned in the TV department, whereas Samsung’s efforts to improve OLED are more visible in the smartphone business.

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