LG has confirmed that the LG G5 will have an always-on display


All the reports we’ve seen over the last few months have suggested that LG is doing everything it can to make sure the LG G5 stands out among this year’s flagships, unlike its bland and unimaginative predecessor. One of the ways the company is doing this is by giving the smartphone an always-on display, which means even when you lock the device or turn off the screen, information like the time and date will still be displayed. LG demonstrated the new feature through a GIF on its Facebook page. 

Been wondering what LG would do to make the G5 standout? Outside of the phone’s dual cameras and premium build, it looks they are also planning to give it an always-on display. Through a GIF posted to the company’s Facebook page this evening, we get to see a glimpse of the always-on action. The GIF below mentions the fact that the G5 will “Never go asleep while others do,” and that the G5 is “Always ON.” You may recall that the LG V10 had a similar feature thanks to its secondary ticker display. In fact, I raved about it in my review. This, though, appears to be an area smack in the middle of the main display rather than a ticker. Does that mean AMOLED? Does that mean another trick? I don’t know but I’m excited. Always-on or Moto Display style features are some of my favorite in the history of Android phones. They allow you to see the time, notifications, and more, all without having to touch your phone. It’s one of those simple ideas that can help take a phone over the top.

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