Light up this Holiday season with rose flower leaf lights


rose flower leaf lights

Lights are beautiful symbolism to the beginning of the Holiday season, as houses begin to add outdoor lights to display their celebration. Indoor lighting is just as important as we decorate trees, banisters and window sills; yet lights have been evolving from the mundane red and green lights to fiber optic, but what about handmade rose flower leaf lights?

These uniquely designed lights have been created by Nick Juara and each product is handmade, brand new and ready to use. The Rose Flower Leaf lights will make a statement not only by the look of these romantic lights, but also by their size since they are that of actual roses.

Leaf Lights Rose String

Each package of your custom made Rose Flower Leaf lights come with a 30 meter cord and 20 lights will be within the package as well as the appropriate adapter plug for your Country. They even look as beautiful when they are turned off as they do when lit up.

Rose Lights Turned Off

You can even get more creative by reusing these lights for an outdoor garden party come spring, or to add romance for Valentine’s Day or to add uniqueness to a wedding. These one-of-a-kind lights will light up your Holiday season as well as your various life events all year round.

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  1. These lights are not are not ‘uniquely designed lights have been created by Nick Juara’ we have been wholesaling them in the UK for over 8 years as have some other companies.
    Please correct this mistake

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