Lightsaber door handle changes color when occupied


Lightsaber door handle by Brighthandle

The “laser sword” we have come to know and love from the Star Wars movies, the Lightsaber, is the signature weapon used between a Jedi and a Sith, basically the weaponry used to counteract good vs. evil. Spanning back to 1977 when we were first introduced to the blade of plasma used to deflect blaster bolts and leave the defeated wounded with cauterized flesh, this pioneering form of combat was futuristic then and still remains ultramodern today. Although a true Lightsaber does not yet exist, there are other forms it does come in such as Star Wars toys and gimmicks and can now be a part of your entry into a room as a door handle.

An advanced company, Brighthandle, is revolutionizing the way we showcase doors by taking them from ordinary and revamping them into extraordinary pieces of art by modernizing the classic door knob. They are committed to changing the handle industry by creating functionality beyond just simply opening a door.

The Lightsaber door handle as well as many other Brighthandle products illuminates and in this instance the colors will change from green to red (the iconic Lightsaber colors) to not only look appealing but to display when a room is occupied or vacant.

We are used to seeing signs that hang on door knobs or slide back and forth on the door to show others when a room is being occupied or not and in some instances we often forget to change it back, not making the process very efficient. However, with the Lightsaber door handle your work is complete once you open the door and go inside the handle changes color with the simple operation of a matching thumb turn which will notify anyone on the other side which rooms are in use.

Let the Force show you which rooms are vacant and occupied with the door handle that imitates the Star Wars Lightsaber.

Lightsaber door handle Red

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