Like vs. subscribe: How would the subscribe button affect your Facebook page?


Like Vs. Subscribe How Would the Subscribe Button Affect Your Facebook Page

There have been rumors floating across the web regarding a subscribe button being added to Facebook pages. The social media blog, AllFacebook reports that only a selected few have been granted this button to test it out, but if it happens, what does this mean for businesses?

Adding a subscribe button to a Facebook Page may be great for those who want to remain private, who do not necessarily want to announce to their community that they “like” a particular company or just want to remain informed but not a part of the pages community.

That notion within itself would be surprising on behalf of Facebook since they are publicly known for infringing on its users data and privacy, however, perhaps they are looking to appease some users by giving them a form of anonymity when it comes to pages.

As a Facebook user, you are already aware that you are able to enable the subscribe feature to your profile, which works well if you decide not to accept a friend request but still wanting others who you have declined to take part in performing actions such as “liking”, commenting and sharing your content.

Yet what would be the benefit for adding the subscribe button to a Facebook Page? This will be more beneficial for the user not the business. Likes for a business on a Facebook Page have always been important to gain, whether it is due to a popularity contest with competitors or simply to show that they are well liked, this simple action has always been important to the businesses that set up a page.

Not only do businesses like the likes, these “likes” become analytics and a great free tool that is offered through Facebook to dissect your Social Media efforts and even as much as applying what you learn from these “likes” to your overall Marketing strategies.

Therefore, if a subscribe button is put in place on pages, many questions will linger if the information will be added to Facebook Insights, if the page owner will be able to view any data regarding the people who do subscribe, or if this is a way Facebook is trying to compensate for all the non-private information they employ.

Currently this is only being tested on a limited amount of pages, but we want to know what you think. Do Facebook Pages need a subscribe button?

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