LINE now supports end-to-end encryption for messaging


Whether its government surveillance or hackers, there’s always someone looking to get their hands on your information, especially when it comes to communication, which is why encryption is more important now than ever before. Proving its dedication to use privacy and security, LINE has introduced a new security feature called Letter Sealing, which makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to access messages sent through LINE during their delivery. 

LINE, the world’s leading life platform, released a new security feature, Letter Sealing, a powerful security upgrade that protects user messages from any unauthorized access during message delivery. The feature is applied on messages exchanged not only on smartphone devices, but also on desktop including PC for Windows and Mac OS X. With Letter Sealing, LINE has become the first messaging app to offer such an advanced level of security across multiple devices and platforms. Available for iOS and Android users with LINE 5.3.0 or later version installed, Letter Sealing enables a stronger encryption communication system known as End-To-End encryption (E2EE). This method of secure communication facilitates uncrackable encryption by scrambling the chat content with a key, which is stored only in user device instead of a centralized server. With the advanced security system, it is technically impossible for the chat content to be disclosed in the server or to a third party.

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