Listen to music or play games through the iChair


Listen to music or play games through the iChair

Feel the effect of your music or immerse yourself in your video game of choice with the fabulous new iChair. This is no ordinary chair, it is crafted for music lovers, comfort and gamers that want to listen to the sounds of their favorite songs or the ambiance of their beloved game.

The iChair comes in an array of colors and enables you the ability to rock (literally). Its frame is made out of wood, the design is steady and its base is weighted to prevent you from tipping. The softness of the fabric is formed from 100% polyester faux suede or polyester Sherpa fleece so you can spend endless hours of comfort within the chair.

Each iChair comes standard with an audio jack so you can connect an iPod, Mp3 player, gaming system or any other audio device. The chair will than act as a speaker as it comes with 3 inch speakers which are built into the frame and to add even more audio quality a sub-woofer is built within the seat.

There is a control panel that is easily accessible located on the right so you can quickly adjust the volume and vibrations and it is all battery powered with a wireless transmitter included as well.

The iChair is great for curling up and listening to audio books, your music and having your gaming sounds go right from your chair to your ears so you can feel a part of the action, adding new meaning to musical chairs.

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