Looks Like It’s The End For The Floppy Disk


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The time has come for all of us to start saying our goodbyes to the floppy disk.

Sony made a statement saying that in March 2011 it will no longer be selling the 30-year-old floppy disk in Japan. Earlier in the year, Sony had stopped selling floppy disks in many international markets because of decreasing orders and competition from other storage systems.

The demand for floppy disks started to decline in 1998 when Apple didn’t include a floppy drive in the G3 iMac computer.

Because of that many different companies have stopped their support for floppy disks. Dell Computers stopped in 2003 and PC World stopped selling the disks in 2007.

But that didn’t stop Sony from selling floppy disks by the millions. Sony now, who made the first 3.5-inch disk in 1981, has completely stopped sales due to online storage and portable USB drives.

Source: BBC News

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