Machinima ponders funding, selling, and a new CEO

This isn’t a matter of someone being ousted. Co-founder and current CEO Allen DeBevoise is wanting a day-to-day operations person to run the company he’s been building for eight years while he continues at the high-altitude role of board chairman. In the meantime, they’re also looking for a big round of funding and considering the possibility of selling the YouTube gaming giant to someone who might find value in the astounding audience rather than the low revenue that forced layoffs twice this year.

Each of the videos on their YouTube channel receives tens or hundreds of thousands of views and they release several videos per day. The mix of gaming news, movie trailers, and reviews gives them plenty of content to create, but its in the creation of their original content that the budgets don’t always match the revenues.

Still, their audience is tremendous. When they have something hot in either the gaming or movie industry happening, their videos can reach the millions. Take GTA V, for example. This hot game from last month is still paying off with a video just a few days old approaching a million views.

With nearly 24K videos on their channel, there has to be something good that will happen to them eventually.

Machinima, the giant YouTube network that caters to gamers, is looking for a new chief executive — at the same time it is trying to close a big funding round.

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