Magazines Explore Augmented Ads, But It Won’t Save Them

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Augmented Reality has been gaining popularity with the growth of smart phones throughout the world, and it appears that Coke Zero and Sausalitos, a german magazine, are willing to take advantage. They have, with the help of Junaio, an AR browser for Android and iPhone, created an intriguing way to create advertising for the 21st century.

This is an interesting move when considering how downright depressing things have been for the print industry; age-old publications are dropping like flies on what seems to be a daily basis. What they need are new ways to generate interest from users and advertisers. This Augmented Reality thing just might be the answer they have been looking for.

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Unfortunately, from what I have seen, the technology is interesting but hardly useful at this point in time. I can’t imagine seeing moving advertisements on every single page being too intriguing for most people. But if there was a way for this AR advertising and content to blend together, then I could find it appealing. For now, however, it is just a cool looking tech demo.

What do you think?

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