Make your photos move with Flixel


Make your photos move with Flixel

Ever wonder how some gifs are part picture part gif? Curious as to how you can manipulate your photos to come to life like that too?

Flixel is an iPhone app that will allow you to choose a piece of your photo to become a gif, adding a life-like look to your already amazing photos. You may have seen pictures like this on Tumblr or StumbleUpon since that is where a lot of their popularity seems to take place.

However, you may start seeing them pop up elsewhere since the Flixel app will make it super easy for you to create what they call “living photos”. The effect truly beautifies a photo and helps you accentuate particular parts of your photo and perhaps even inspire you to take more.

Breathe life into your photos using this great app since life isn’t still, so why should your photos?

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