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Man Sues Facebook for 84% Ownership, Honestly Believes He Can Win


lawsuitHey Zuckerberg, you’d better make way for Paul Ceglia.

Who the hell is Paul Ceglia? Why, web designer / wood pellet distributor extraordinaire, of course. Apparently, Paul signed a contract in April 2003 to develop, for which he would be paid $1000 and 50% share in the company, with an additional 1% share per day until the work was completed. All told, Paul Ceglia should (according to him) currently own 84% of Facebook.

Yeah, Paul, and I should own 77% of Google. But I don’t. Because I didn’t design it.

The fact that Ceglia is bringing this up seven years after the fact calls into question the legitimacy of this suit, as does the fact that his own legal history isn’t that great – last year, Ceglia himself was sued for failure to deliver wood pellets, to the tune of $200 grand. Suspicious? Mega.

…While we’re ponderin’, what web designer drops everything to distribute wood pellets, anyway? Especially a web designer allegedly responsible for Facebook?

Assuming you want to read Wackiest Lawsuit 2010, click here. Or here. Or here. It’s all the same link anyway. I’m all about choice.

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