Mario Kart 3D debut trailer brings back memories


Mario Kart 3D

With all of the hype surrounding E3 and the new technologies, improving systems, and stunning games, it’s easy to miss one of the most important (for old gaming geeks like myself) games to be previewed at the event.

Many hours have been spent by millions of people around the world on the Mario Kart franchise. The latest and (hopefully) greatest variation, Mario Kart 3D, launched its debut trailer at E3 yesterday. Here’s it is in its complete HD glory. Underwater, over land, and in the sky – Mario Kart 3D looks like a winner. Hat tip to Machinima.

    1. ? Not sure if serious. Did we watch the same video? The original DS version has simple environments and low-poly models. It looks awful in stills but excellent even today in 60fps motion.

      This definitely looks closer to the Wii game than the DS game and it’s the exact same visual style. The models even look the same. The lighting effects are a lot better than on MK Wii too. The only thing bad is the jaggies due to the 400×240 resolution. It has less than a 3rd of the Wii version’s pixels. But it is rendering in 60fps. I bet it looks great in 3D motion.

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