Maserati is doing away with mirrors in favor of cameras and displays


If CES has shown us anything its that the automotive industry is embracing modern technology with an exciting amount of ardor, and Maserati is no exception. The Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer has unveiled it’s advanced driver assistance systems and it’s new mirrors that aren’t mirrors at all, rather, their a series of displays that are fed videos from a collection of cameras. 

QNX has become something of a staple for us here at CES, wowing us at each outing with new and more compelling auto gear packed in the finest cars. This year’s no different, as QNX has shown up with a flat blue Maserati Quattroporte GTS that has had a complete technological overhaul. What was most impressive to us was that the rearview and side mirrors had been completely gutted and replaced with cameras and displays as part of its ADAS (advance driver assistance systems) demonstration. Unlike typical car mirrors, the cameras on the QNX car are able to easily reposition when reversing, for example, offering you a better and safer view.

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