Mercedes-Benz’s self-driving truck could revolutionize shipping


Truck drivers are often asked to haul goods over long distances and usually have deadlines to meet, which means that many of them resort to staying up late at night in order to reach their destination in a timely manner. This also means that there are some of them who are sleep deprived which could potentially lead to fatal accidents.

The latest truck concept from Mercedes-Benz doesn’t look like anything crazy. Its design is a bit unusual, and it’s loaded up with LEDs instead of headlights and cameras instead of side mirrors. But those modest tweaks to conventional design hide the fact that this is a serious bid to revolutionize the trucking industry. That’s because the “Future Truck 2025″ drives itself. And while it’s a prototype, Mercedes is serious about spending the next decade getting it—and us—ready for commercial use.

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