Microsoft accidentally teased the launch of extensions for Edge


Microsoft Edge is a solid web browser, but it wouldn’t matter if it were three times as fast as Chome or Firefox, because without support for extensions, most people won’t even consider using it. Microsoft originally planned to add support for extension last month, but ended up delaying it until early next year. That vague release date is right around the corner, and Microsoft unintentionally teased the release of extension yesterday when it accidentally showed off Edge extensions for Pinterest and the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Looks like Microsoft is inching closer to releasing the Microsoft Edge browser with extensions to Insiders. In a web page captured and tweeted by @h0x0d aka WalkingCat you can see the early mockups of the extensions including two that look to be available immediately including one for Pinterest and RES or ‘Reddit Enhancement Suite’ that greatly improves the usage of the Reddit website. Microsoft originally planned to have browser extensions for the November update, but they were pushed back until ‘early 2016’. Windows Insiders will be the first to get the new feature to put it through its paces before going wide to the general public. Although Windows Phone is not currently slated for extensions, the Microsoft team is reportedly exploring the idea as a “long-term goal.” The extensions for Edge can be natively written or ported over from Chrome using some simple tools. Eventually, the extensions should be featured in the Windows Store too for easy installation, although initially it looks like a manual job for Insiders. More details about the extensions and rollout are expected in the coming weeks.

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