Microsoft ditches hip “Metro” name for bland “Windows 8”


Microsoft Metro

Whether it’s because they want to keep the branding unified (highly unlikely) or they simply didn’t want to pursue a row with German retailer Metro AG (nearly certain though still a rumor), Microsoft is officially dropping the moniker of “Metro” from all forms of communication, marketing, and product naming. Now, it’s simply going to be “Windows 8”.

Just when we thought Microsoft was getting creative…

According to ZDnet:

Here’s the official guidance, my sources say: Anything currently/formerly known as a “Metro-Style application” (with or without a hyphen) will now be known officially as a “Windows 8 application.” References to the “Metro user interface” will now be replaced by “Windows 8 user interface.” And instead of saying “Metro design,” the Softies and those adhering to their official guidelines will be using the words “Windows 8 design.”

They were cool and hip for the first time in a while. Just like that, it was gone.

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