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Microsoft files for Quiet Time patent application

Microsoft has filed a patent application for software that can be used to prevent your phone from giving or receiving calls. The patent, called Quiet Time, would be very useful for people who are driving or in places where they need to be quiet. 

We have seen an earlier patent application by Microsoft that had something to do with a skin sensing bezel on a potential tablet down the road, and here we are with yet another patent application by the software giant, where it could be used to help prevent a teenager’s phone from being able to make an outgoing phone call while one is driving, or to prevent audio from emanating from a phone’s speakers while one is within a movie theater. The whole idea of this patent does sound as though it would come in handy not only for teenagers, but for adults as well. After all, how many times have you seen and heard an adult’s phone ringing while one is at the movies? This patent is called “Quiet Time” for obvious reasons.

What do you think?

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