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Microsoft goes after Google with humor (that actually worked)

Gmail Man

Gmail Man

When it comes to funny competitive attack commercials, many have tried and failed to capture the magic of “I’m a Mac”. Microsoft was finally able to put out a cute (not hilarious, but point made) video taking a jab at Google services that will be competing against Microsoft Office 365.

Introducing Gmail Man. The video does make some good points that many people know but that most try to ignore. Google has and probably always will algorithmically comb our emails in an effort to serve more relevant ads on their email service. It’s a controversial practice that Google has been able to sidestep for years. Microsoft is calling them on it nicely.

According to Amy Vernon at Network World, “The entire point of this video isn’t so much out of concern for the public as it is to pimp out its new Office 365 suite, meant to compete directly with Google Apps.”

It’s a valiant effort. Will they truly be able to cast doubt on Google’s more dubious practices?

What do you think?

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