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Microsoft has brought Office to the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Those of you who are using the Windows 10 Technical Preview may be happy to know that Microsoft has made a pre-release version of its touch-friendly variants of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word available to all. If you’re interested in trying these new apps out you can download them from the Windows Store. 

Last month Microsoft announced plans for Windows 10 as part of a flashy presentation on the future of the company’s home computing efforts. Now, Windows 10 Technical Preview users can download pre-release versions of the touch-friendly iterations of Word, Excel and PowerPoint that were announced at the event. The Microsoft Office suite remains hugely popular for use in work and at home, despite increased competition in recent years from services like Google Docs. In keeping with Microsoft’s strategy of cross-platform equivalence with Windows 10, this version of its Office software attempts to deliver the same experience whether you’re working from your desktop or your mobile.

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