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Microsoft has released the May system update for Xbox One

The May system update for Xbox One is now available for download according to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb. The patch enhances the audio and Kinect for the console. When you’ve installed the patch, you’ll have two new features for adjusting the volume of the Xbox One. The Sound Mixer setting lets you adjust the volume levels for two apps being used simultaneously in Snap mode. Chat Mixer allows you to change the volume on Kinect chat. 

Those patiently waiting for the next software update for the Xbox One won’t have to wait much longer. “The latest Xbox One system update has started to roll out,” tweeted Xbox figurehead Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb. The highlight of this update is new, more granular audio controls, which allow users to determine individual volume levels for apps they’ve snapped onto the Xbox One’s main display. To put it more simply, if you’re playing a game while also chatting with people on Skype, you can turn the game down, and turn the chat up, preventing your crucial conversation from being drowned out by explosions. Additionally, the update adds a new feedback tool designed to send information directly to Microsoft from the Xbox One automatically. This program is entirely voluntary, but according to Microsoft the goal is not to snoop on players, but instead to collect audio samples which may be used to improve the console’s voice recognition capabilities.

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