Microsoft is finally bringing an official Office app to Windows Phone


It’s actually kind of funny that Microsoft has released official MS Office apps for Android and iOS, but not for its own Windows Phone operating system. Although, it’s only funny because I’m not a Windows Phone user myself, for those that are Windows Phone users, this has been a constant source of frustration. Fortunately, the company has addressed these complaints and has promised that MS Office will be coming to Windows Phone very soon.

Microsoft will unveil more details about Windows 10 at an event later this month, at which point the company could also detail some other plans for the future including the launch of a special Office for Windows Phone app that would be on par with the company’s similar offerings for iOS and Android. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore talked about Office for Windows Phone in a post on Chinese social networking site Weibo, of all places. “First… as we end our 2014, I want to acknowledge the comments and letters you all have sent, noting that you’ve been frustrated seeing Microsoft launch new applications like Office on iOS and Android, without accompanying news around what will happen on Windows Phone,” Belfiore said. “I want to assure you that our Office team has not forgotten Windows Phone – we’re just aligning all of our news and announcements to a single event. You’ll hear much more about what we have planned before Chinese New Year.”

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