Microsoft is making it so that app updates don’t eat into cellular data


You’re smartphone updates your apps automatically and will download these updates using your cellular data unless you specify otherwise. This can be particularly troublesome for those of you with tons of apps, but don’t worry, Microsoft has a solution. While that solution requires you to own a Windows 10 device, it means none of your app updates will count towards your data cap. 

Microsoft seems to be ready to say “download limits be gone” for its Windows 10 Mobile store allowing us to download whatever we like with a cellular connection. First reported by the guys at, the latest build, 10149, removed the cellular data cap for downloads from the Store (Beta). Sure enough, we’ve fired it up and this does seem to be the case. We had no trouble starting a download of Asphalt 8 from Store (Beta) on our device. Then promptly ending it because some of us still have data allowances to worry about. For those with unlimited data plans and less access to Wifi though, this will be most welcome. Until it makes it into the release builds we’ll leave jumping for joy for now, but we’re sure a lot of folks will be happy to see this.

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