Microsoft is paying Apple Watch users to switch to the Band 2


The lengths that its competitors have to go to in order to convince people to switch away from its products just shows how successful Apple is, and this is especially apparent in the smartwatch and tablet markets, where Apple accounts for about half of the entire market. For example, Microsoft is actually offering Apple Watch owners $250 in credit if they’re willing to trade in their smartwatch for a new Microsoft Band 2. Owners of the first-generation Band can also trade in their device, but it’ll only earn them $35 in credit. 

Microsoft is taking direct aim at rival Apple in a new promotion, which offers Apple Watch owners up to $250 in credit toward the purchase of a new Microsoft Band 2. The new promotion actually covers a wide range of wearable devices, including options from Fitbit, Garmin, Nike, and Sony. Original Microsoft Band owners can also earn up to $35 for trading in their first-generation device, but Microsoft is offering the most credit for the Apple Watch. Values on the trade-ins strangely do not correspond directly with the price of the unit. For example, the maximum $250 trade-in applies to the 38-millimeter stainless steel Apple Watch with milanese loop band, while owners of the larger, more expensive 42-millimeter size will receive only $100 on their trade toward a Band 2. The Band 2 was unveiled by Microsoft in October, improving upon the first-generation model by switching to a curved OLED display, and adding a barometer for elevation tracking. Like the first-generation model, it features sensors for heart rate, UV levels, and dedicated GPS. The Band 2 supports Microsoft’s Windows Phone products, but is also compatible with the iPhone via the Microsoft Health app. There is also a Health app made by Microsoft for Mac OS X. It’s priced at $249.

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