Microsoft is reportedly interested in CyanogenMod


The Cyanogen team is behind the most popular custom ROMs developed for Android smartphones and tablets. The team also develops software for the OnePlus One smartphone. Its safe to say that they have made quite a name for itself, but have they grown enough to appear on some behemoth’s radar? According to The Information, Microsoft is one of the big companies that is trying to acquire Cyanogen. The scribe claims that apart from Microsoft, companies like Amazon, Yahoo and even Samsung are interested in purchasing Cyanogen, a company that’s looking to raise a Series C funding round. Microsoft is reportedly in talks with the company.

Many Android users unhappy with what the mobile operating system has to offer have looked at various custom ROMs based on Google’s latest OS version that offered additional tools to improve their overall mobile experience. CyanogenMod is one such Android-based build that become so popular in recent years that its founder decided to turn it into a business, Cyanogen Inc. That company is apparently now tracked by various tech industry giants that are highly interested in the mobile business, The Information has learned, including Microsoft. In addition to Microsoft, whose CEO Satya Nadella actually had a sit down with Cyanogen, Amazon, Samsung and Yahoo are also monitoring Cyanogen “to see whether it becomes a potential partner or acquisition target.” While it’s clear why Amazon and Samsung, and even Yahoo, might be interested in acquiring Cyanogen in the future, the more interesting detail in the report is the fact that Microsoft is actually seen some potential in Cyanogen.

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