Microsoft is using Bing to recommend people use Microsoft Edge


One of the benefits of having a massive arsenal of products at your disposal is that you can use one product as a way to recommend another. That’s exactly what Microsoft is doing with Bing, as any time someone searches for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on Microsoft’s search engine, the company will recommend you check outs its new Microsoft Edge web browser. 

When Windows 10 came out on July 29, a plethora of new features were introduced. One of these is Microsoft Edge, a new browser designed to succeed the company’s legacy web browser, Internet Explorer. And as a part of promoting the new application to Windows 10 users, it seems that Microsoft is utilizing its Bing search engine for the job. This peculiar discovery was recently found by VentureBeat, while testing a new laptop. If you enter either “Firefox” or “Google Chrome” on’s search bar, the results will display a notification stating, “Microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge for Windows 10,” including a button to learn more. Clicking on it will display a webpage highlighting Microsoft Edge’s new features.

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