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Microsoft is working on a file manager for Windows Phone 8.1

Even though Microsoft has already released a developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 that doesn’t mean that the company is finished tweaking it. Public release of the software isn’t expected until next month at the very least. Many Windows Phone fans have wondered if the company is working on a file manager, the good news is that it most certainly is.

Microsoft is planning to deliver a File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1. Joe Belfiore, the Vice President of Windows and Windows Phone User Experience, confirmed that the file manager is coming during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on May 2. “We are doing a File Manager for WP8.1! I know a LOT of you are looking for this (thanks for the tweets, I’ve read them all). In fact, I’ve been running a build of it on two of my phones for the last week or so and it’s getting to pretty good shape,” Belfiore said. He added that Microsoft is hoping to get the File Manager into the Windows Phone Store “HOPEFULLY by the end of May.”


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