Microsoft launches Project Spark, the game about making games


Microsoft has formally launched its Project Spark, a game world with tools that make it easy for players to create their own games. Oddly enough, Microsoft is launching Project Spark as its answer to Minecraft, the pixelated user-generated content game from Mojang. But Microsoft also now owns Minecraft, as it purchased Sweden-based Mojang for an astounding $2.5 billion a couple of weeks ago.

Have you ever wanted to create a game — but not deal with the coding aspects? Then Microsoft’s Project Spark might be for you. It has finally come out of its six month beta, and is available in the Windows Store and Xbox One store, as well as retail stores. It enables you to create your very own video game, and you make the world, the character, set the mood with music, and more. And not only can you make your own game, you can play others’ as well. There are already 70,000 game levels made by over 1 million players, ready for you to explore.

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