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Microsoft plans to begin launching low-cost Windows tablets in India

Microsoft will reportedly launch more affordable Windows tablets in India in the coming months. These tablets will cost around $160 and will be specifically made for consumers in India. At present, Android tablets dominate the Indian market, and while there are a few Windows powered tablets available, the price point isn’t competitive and the choice of selection isn’t that great. Microsoft is expected to turn to its traditional partners like HP and Dell for making the tablets. But, interestingly, the software giant could also tie-up with local partners like Karbonn and Lava.

Keeping in line with the current rush of Android tabs in the Indian market, Microsoft will soon launch its low-cost Windows tablets here. The launch will see new age tablets designed exclusively for the Indian customers, with prices as low as 10,000INR. It’s expected that this will help the tech giant to make way in the tablet market in Indian territory where Android is the current undisputed king. It is likely that Indian firms like Karbonn and Lava along with Microsoft’s conventional partners HP and Dell will make the tablets for here. Microsoft’s move is likely to make an impact on Google’s Android, which current has maximum sales because of affordability and features.


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