Microsoft positions itself away from the fray with new Lumia ad


Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Ad

Microsoft has had its shares of difficulties in two big arenas of late – selling phones powered by their operating system and posting advertising videos that aren’t hated by the masses. They may have come up with a decent video that helps on both fronts by separating themselves from the fighting of the competition.

The ad, slated to hit national television soon, pits the two sides of a wedding party against each other. On the bride’s side are people carrying the various Samsung mobile devices, while the groom’s family favors iPhone. Insults bounce back and forth and eventually lead to a melee. In the middle of the all, a pair of unaffected waiters play on their Lumia Windows Phones.

Here’s the video. It seems as if Microsoft is no longer trying to position itself as a superior system but rather a valid and sensible alternative. It may work. At the least, it won’t do damage the way that some of their recent ads.

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