Microsoft replenishes its stock of Surface 2 tablets


Last month it was reported that the online Microsoft Store had sold out of most Surface 2 tablets one week prior to Christmas. It was unclear why the company was struggling to meet demand, that too in a lucrative period such as the holiday season. Most models have actually been sold out online for a few weeks now, just one model of both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablet was available during this time. It appears that Microsoft has now been able to ease up supply once again as most Surface 2 models are now back in stock.

When will Microsoft get more Surface 2s and Surface Pro 2s in stock? It’s a question I’m getting increasingly regularly on Twitter and via email — along with questions about when Microsoft will replenish supplies of its Surface docks and finally start offering its promised Surface power keyboards. The short answer to these stocking questions is I have no real idea.

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