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Microsoft Tech Advice: Hotmail is broken Sir, what do I do? Tell them to use Google Chrome!

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Screen shot 2010 08 10 at 12.51.01 PMMicrosoft just made a dumb move. I decided to recreate how I think the conversation went between the tech guy and his boss.

Tech guy: It seems a lot of customers are complaining about the new Hotmail. Bugs throughout the site, some of them can’t even log in.

Boss: Fix it.

Tech guy: That will take a few weeks, what do we do in the mean time.

Boss: It works fine on Google’s Chrome, get them to use that.

Tech guy: I don’t know about that, don’t you think we should focus on Internet Explorer?

Boss: Who’s the boss?

Tech guy: You are…

Boss: Exactly.

After thousands of complaints from customers over their new Hotmail interface, Microsoft has suggested that some users switch to Google’s Chrome.

To be fair Internet Explorer seems to work fine, it’s mostly Firefox and Safari users (many of whom won’t use IE) that are affected. So it kind of makes sense.

It’s still funny though.

What do you think?

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