Microsoft wants people to vote on what the next Solitaire should be


It’s easy to forget that Halo isn’t the most popular game that Microsoft publishes. The company’s most popular games are actually the casual ones that come bundled with Windows, like Minesweeper and Solitaire, and Microsoft wants to keep making more, but it wants your help to decide which one it makes. For the next month, those interested will be able to vote on which casual game Microsoft makes next. 

Microsoft has published several casual games both on Windows and Windows Phone, which includes Microsoft Mahjong, Bingo, Minesweeper and Solitaire Collection. Now, the studio behind these games want you to decide which casual games it should make next. Although it is a decent move to let players choose which game they want to play next, it is a bit disappointing to see that a couple of other arguably more popular games such as 3D Pinball for Windows – Space Cadet and SkiFree – which were published by Microsoft and were packaged with older versions of Windows including Windows NT 4.0 and XP – are not part of the voting process. Voting period for the above five games closes on 17 December 2015.

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