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Microsoft will no longer produce its Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter

Remember the day Microsoft announced its new Surface tablets? Sure you do: there was all the usual pomp and circumstance, and even that keyboard cover that turned the Surface 2 into a portable DJ booth. One thing that may have flown under your radar, though, was the wireless keyboard adapter, a $60 cylinder-shaped thing that allowed users to control their Surface tablets from up to 30 feet away over Bluetooth. 

Microsoft is discontinuing one of the peripherals it announced in September 2013 for its Surface family of tablets. The Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter — a thin, cylindrical device which used Bluetooth wireless to connect Surface Type and Touch covers to monitors up to 30 feet away — is no longer being manufactured. “Due to a number of factors, we are no longer manufacturing the Surface Wireless Keyboard Adapter,” a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed. “We are always evaluating our options and remain committed to helping people be productive with Surface.” The spokesperson didn’t comment on which factors, specifically, contributed to the decision to halt manufacturing.

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