Microsoft will reportedly include Cortana in the Windows 10 release


Microsoft showed off a small number of Windows 10 features at the company’s event this morning, but one rumored one was missing: Cortana. The software maker focused on some of its desktop improvements for Windows 10, and Cortana is one of the many changes that will be coming ahead of the final release next year. While the special Technical Preview build of Windows 10 won’t include Cortana, Microsoft is already testing the digital assistant inside of other Windows 10 builds internally. It’s an early implementation, but Cortana will be fully integrated into the search experience in Windows 10.

With Cortana being Microsoft’s voice assistant feature for Windows Phone, there has been some speculation that Microsoft could be bringing that feature to its other products and services, like Windows for example. Early rumors have suggested that was the case although oddly enough Microsoft failed to mention that feature when they announced Windows 10 yesterday. However according to The Verge’s Tom Warren, he claims that Cortana will be part of Windows 10 and that he has seen a very early version of the feature running on the platform, although like he said given its early nature, perhaps some of the features could change upon its release. According to Warren, he states that Microsoft is currently testing Cortana internally. The voice assistant is also said to reside in the taskbar above the new search button that Microsoft introduced in Windows 10. It will act like the Windows Phone version and will be able to do all sorts of things, such as search the web, set up reminders, and so on.

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