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Microsoft’s recalls Lumia 2520 chargers over electrocution fears

It was back in 2013 that Nokia announced their first Windows RT tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520. Based on many reviews, including our own, many seemed to like what Nokia has done with the tablet, but unfortunately this streak of good reviews was marred by safety concerns over the charger of the international version of the tablet. It seems that due to the possibility of the user being electrocuted while using the charger for the Lumia 2520, Nokia quickly issued recalls and halted the sales of the tablet in the countries in which it was affected. 

A product recall is generally no fun for any of the parties involved. The manufacturer has to deal with a huge expense, retailers get frustrated by not having products on their shelves, and end users are left inconvenienced. Last month we told you about a headache Nokia was facing over the chargers used on certain international editions of the Lumia 2520 tablet, after learning that they posed a small but tangible risk of electrocuting the user during operation. From what we heard at the time, it sounded like Nokia was handling things well, halting sales of the tablet and advising owners to stop using at-risk chargers immediately. Well, today we get a little update on things, and Microsoft looks to be taking over control of the recall with aplomb. The big news is that affected 2520 owners aren’t just getting new chargers for their tablets, but Microsoft is also throwing in an 80 GBP Amazon voucher for their trouble.

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