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Microsoft’s research department unveils Microsoft Holograph

The research department at Microsoft has show off Microsoft Holograph , a platform for 3D interactive visualization designed to work with large amount of data intuitively. The device can render static or dynamic images that seem to stand out above the plane of the screen thanks to various techniques of stereoscopic 3D. The objective is to facilitate the management of large databases or “big data” generated in many fields. 

The future of interactive user interfaces might be here already, assuming you are into cool looking3D holograms that tend to be featured in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Microsoft Research has shown off a new project known as Holograph recently, where it was put through the paces, rendering large amounts of data, and not only in 3D, but also in a manner where it resembles as though it is being projected above a display. Holograph’s team leader Curtis Wong shared on how this particular project is able to deliver a way to create visuals with data that is put within, such as Excel. Wong continued, “That enables anybody with any kind of data, like location or time, to easily plot that data onto a map or globe. If you select ‘date,’ and you have date or time information, you’ll be able to watch that data play out over time.”

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