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Microsoft’s Xbox team outlines plans to update the console’s software

Microsoft’s Xbox team took to their blog today, outlining an update about the current plan for improving their latest console over the next couple of months. The good news is that Microsoft is listening to their users, but some of the exciting stuff we’ve been waiting for appears to have been delayed.

The first thing I did with my Xbox One, after peeling off the plastic shrink-wrap and tying down the cables, was download a bunch of games. Most of my Xbox One games are disc-less because most of my press copies came as QR codes. So after loading the system up, I did what any responsible console owner might do and went poking around for a storage management option to see how much space I’d used and had left. Imagine my surprise — and if you own an Xbox One, you know how the words to this tune go — when I discovered there is no storage management option (not even a view). You can add games and apps or remove them, but that’s it.

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