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Mighty Deals review

Mighty Deals

We have local deals — it’s a been there, done that thing — but what about a deals site that covers creative professionals? They deserve a good deal every now and then too, don’t they? Well, this is why the team here at Techi and WebdesignerDepot has created Mighty Deals. The site’s goal is simple: to offer the best deals for creative professionals.

Mighty Deals is most easily described as the creative professional’s Groupon. However, unlike Groupon, Mighty Deals focuses on providing great deals specifically for creative professionals. You won’t find any paradise island getaways offered here (even if that does sound good right about now). But for those who work in a creative industry, there could be something here for you.

How it works

The Mighty Deals concept is really simple — it is simply a page, a deal, a pitch, a way to buy, and a way to save. The website is very clean, and the deals offered are laid out in plain English. Also, users never have to sign up to access any of these deals.

The fun part is keeping in the know about what deals are going on. You could visit the website, but how often do we remember to do that? Mighty Deals also offers an RSS feed, a Facebook, a Twitter, and an E-mail newsletter to keep users in the know. If a user decides to sign up for the site’s newsletter, that person will receive an e-mail whenever a new deal becomes available (similar to how other websites like Groupon and Living Social work).

How often those notifications are sent depends on how long the current deal lasts. For every deal, there is a time limit, and in order to get in on any particular deal you will have to purchase it before the time expires. There is a countdown timer listed by every deal you view, so you’ll know when that time is approaching.

Either way, once the timer reaches zero, the deal is done for. It pays to be quick. Right now, there’s a great bundle of WordPress themes by WooThemes for only $99, check it out

Mighty Deals


Offering users a product, alone, isn’t very useful, so Mighty Deals differentiates itself by offering heavily discounted deals on these products. The discount for each product varies, but they range from 15 percent to over 90 percent, which is significantly better than paying full price.

The deals offered sometimes vary greatly, and not every deal will appeal to every single person, but that is what makes Mighty Deals so interesting. On any given day there might be a deal for a pack of premium WordPress themes, an icon pack for Web designers, and maybe a collection of useful applications.

Some of the offerings so far included 100 MiniCards from for 50 precent off, Pixelmator (a beautiful photo editing application for Mac OS X) for 51 percent off, Swift 3D (for 3D design with Adobe Flash and Microsoft Blend) for 50 percent off, and a bundle of 55,000 designer items for 51 percent off.

Seal the deal

Found something you like? You can navigate to the Mighty Deals website and click the “buy” button. After doing so, the you will be redirected to PayPal, where you can pay for the deal. After the payment is received, you will immediately gain access to the product(s) that were purchased, and life goes on.

And that sums up Mighty Deals quite well. It is a no-frills website that enables creative professionals (or even creative hobbyists) to score a great deal for software or digital content on any given day.

Check out Mighty Deals to see the current deal…

  1. M planning to use this on my website, can i go ahead with this 🙂 ? m really worried whether i can use it because this is very new and will they really pay ?

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