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Monsieur Bartender is your own personal robotic bartender

The Monsieur Bartender robot  comes in a boxy tabletop form factor that functions as a vending machine, albeit serving up cocktails instead of Coke or Pepsi. All you need to do is to key in your order on a colorful touchscreen display or place an order from your phone, and the Monsieur Bartender will get to work right away, blending liquor with mixers and letting the contents settle into a cup. A fully equipped Monsieur Bartender has the capability to make up to 300 types of drinks.

If you’ve ever been at a crowded bar or a packed party, you have probably waited a long time for a drink. One answer to that problem: a new bartender with the generic French name of Monsieur. He’s short and squat and not much of a conversationalist, but he’ll whip up a Screwdriver for you in a flash. The Monsieur is a boxy tabletop device that works like a vending machine for cocktails. Punch in your order on a colorful touchscreen or order from your phone, and the machine will blend liquor with mixers and pour them into your cup. When fully equipped, Monsieur can make up to 300 types of drinks.

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