More details on Samsung’s upcoming Tizen phone have been revealed


You would think that maybe Samsung would launch Tizen with a bang and a high-end device, but it seems that for now, the company is concentrating on low-end devices, perhaps to help capture the emerging market, and probably to help save money from having invested in a high-end device that no one really wants. That being said if you’re curious about the Tizen platform, you might have heard that Samsung is working on a low-end Tizen handset and now thanks to a sighting on Samsung’s website.

The upcoming low-end Tizen phone from Samsung, which is currently known only by its model number SM-Z130H, has been under development for a few months now, and is expected to launch in the Indian market by the end of this month/in December. We’ve already offered exclusive information on the hardware the Z130H will carry, and now, Samsung’s own website is reiterating some of that information while revealing a few extra details. According to the phone’s user agent profile, it will feature a display resolution of 480×800 pixels (likely on a 4-inch display) and will be powered by a 1.2GHz processor. On the software front, it seems to be running on Tizen 2.3, something we confirmed in our exclusive two months ago. We also revealed that the phone will have dual SIM slots, support for FM radio, and a 3.2-megapixel camera, making it an extremely low-end device, though none of this is mentioned in the user agent profile as expected. But the phone’s listing on Samsung’s website is a good sign the phone is closer to a launch than ever before, though it’s always possible Samsung will find some reason or the other to delay a release.

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