Mozilla and the Tor Project are joining forces


Yesterday, the Tor Project announced that it will be teaming up with Mozilla, the maker of the Firefox browser, and the Center of Democracy & Technology, an advocacy group for digital rights, as part of a new initiative called Polaris. The partnership helps both Mozilla and Tor. The Firefox browser will get more privacy features while the Tor Project will get to work with Mozilla engineers to help work on the Firefox codebase and get increased Tor network support. The Tor browser is built upon Mozilla technology.

The internet browser Mozilla is teaming up with Tor to give internet users greater security online. The new Polaris project is designed to combat internet censorship and make NSA like intrusion’s a thing of the past. Edward Snowden’s revelations concerning the extent of the National Security Agency’s spying on the general public, hit computer and internet enthusiasts hard. A poll conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of the internet company Mozilla last month, found that three quarters of those surveyed feel that their personal information on the web is less secure than it was one year ago. Mozilla, which is responsible for the Firefox browser, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, is looking to regain the public’s trust again by enlisting the help of Tor, which is a popular software tool designed to protect online anonymity. Tor, which is an acronym for ‘The Onion Router,’ works by bouncing its way randomly around servers, which are manned by volunteers around the globe. This makes it significantly more difficult for surveillance companies to keep track of ones online movements.

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